August 2017 Market Forecast

Current Rating
Vanguard FTSE Dev Mkts
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Mkts
SPDR Barclays High Yld Bond
SPDR Gold Trust
Vanguard Short-Term TIPs
Vanguard Intermediate Bond
Vanguard Total Intl Bond
Vanguard Global ex-US REIT
– Overweight
– Neutral
– Underweight
– Rating Change This Period

This month, only developed International markets remained overweight, with the US Stock market predicted to have a slow month and consolidate its July gains.  Gold was also downgraded to neutral after a 2.3% gain in July.  International REITs continue to be listed as underweight for the fourth straight month.  During this period, the prediction as has been wrong each month, so take this free advice for what it is worth.  

Early indicators show little change for September, but that can change at any time.

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