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Security Valuation View

This portfolio view shows some basic valuation metrics for your portfolio:

The Earnings NPV (Net Present Value) is the earnings yield for a stock, given an estimate of future earnings estimates for the next 10 years. A higher number is positive - think of this like a yield on a bond.  Portfolio Scratchpad allows for using automated earnings estimates using published analyst estimates, or allows for you to enter in your estimates of future earnings. It is usually more accurate to enter your own estimates, using analyst estimates and past history as a guide, because the automated estimates just project the second year of earnings projections out 10 years.

Important! The Earnings Net Present Value estimates are only useful with well reasoned estimates. Click on the security name in the portfolio list to view earnings detail and update security information.

The Price To Book ratio shows the price divided by the book value per share of the company. The lower the number the better the value of the stock for this metric.

These valuation metrics are meant to be just a start for evaluating security valuation. Abnormally low or high indicators typically indicate other factors are involved with why a security is either cheap or expensive. Its up to you to decide if the valuation is justified.